"Quim" a true Cala en Porter Hero

This time next week we shall know who is to govern the local Townhalls of Spain for the next four years, as usual the build-up to Election Day is full with unbelievable Propaganda, little but realistic promises and stinky Bullshit which most folk gladly chew-up and swallow merrily.
In the case of Alaior it looks like not much will change, the present governing party seem to be heading for a victorious second term in power.

At least in Cala en Porter we can proudly say the campaign also took place on home ground since more than ever local parties have made a severe effort and hunted for votes amongst the residents of this coastal-resort come newly formed-town; using the english language in their videos, publicity signs and other propaganda; which clearly means they've finally realised the importance of Cala en Porter votes; foreign or not.

Unfortunately though, Cala en Porter voters haven't understood how crucial their votes can really be for deciding who will govern in Alaior.

For the last years we've had a Cala en Porter person in the Townhall, Roger was way down on the list 4 years ago, but has resulted an important part of PP Mayoress Coia Sugrañes' next project; this time he's number 5 on the list, meaning that unless the results are shocking he'll be counsellor for another 4 years if they finally win the elections; taking care of Beaches and Urbanisations (Cala en Porter, Cales Coves, Son Bou and Son Vitamina)

On the other hand the left wing parties of this town sort of re-invented themselves, creating a platform called Junts per Ló thus unifying all socialist and Left-minded parties in one political list, for a while the choices for Election day were down to only two.

Along the way appears a longtime pretender to the throne, Joaquín Ferrer; this will be his 4th time as a Candidate in the Local Alaior Elections.
Joaquín is a man I admire in a way; he is passionate and committed to what he believes in.

Joaquin's envolvement in Cala en Porter matters is known by all, from being the President of the neighbours Association, to professionally "Quim" is very well known amongst the foreign and local residents and recently has become a retired man.
After many years of working for the community one would think he'd be tired of this job but surprisingly enough, when the Neighbours Association needed help (again) he was there (again) and when the political scenario looked little but promising for Cala en Porter's interests again he appears.

Joaquín has formed a strange "all-sorts" political list for the upcoming Alaior Election under the PI Party (Proposta per les Illes) - A center-right independent group of the Balearic Islands; obviously his intention is to have one counsellor; Yes one, because one could possibly be enough to level thinks between the two large parties.

Honestly I would like to think Joaquín has a fair chance, one which will bring some sort of financial  justice and social equality to Cala en Porter residents who are generally treated as second-class residents; but the press, statistics and general sensation is that of a new PP - Partido Popular victory.

Joaquín and Proposta per les Illes's Motto for the election is: "Lluita pel que estimes" - Fight for what you love. And if that isn't a true advice from a wise and committed man I don't know what is!  

I wish Joaquín, Cala en Porter and all his team the best of luck; because we really need and deserve it!

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